Tuesday, October 20, 2020

What You Need To Know About Roof Inspection According To The Pros

 A roof inspection is one of the most important maintenance tasks of every homeowner. According to professional roofers, the roof is the most exposed part of the house to daily wear and tear, considering the constant changes in weather and temperature. Add these to the other common roof problems that many homeowners face such as roof leaks and missing shingles.

Most of these roof problems are not easily seen or noticed by homeowners, primarily because the roof is at the topmost part of the house. Most often, these problems are only determined when they have affected other parts of the house. For example, roof leaks are not always instantly noticed. Many homeowners only become aware of the problem when they see water stains on their ceilings and presence of mold in their attic. Obviously, the problem has become worse costing them a lot of money on the repairs.

Why Roof Inspections Should Be Done By Professionals

To prevent further roof damage, experts highly recommend hiring a roofer to regularly conduct an overall inspection of your entire roof system. It is true that anyone can inspect and look at your roof to find signs of damage and identify areas that need repair. On the other hand, not everyone has the right tools and knowledge to expertly identify which areas need repair and what repairs are required to resolve the problem. Not everyone can provide an estimate of your roof’s remaining lifespan.

This is why you need a roofing contractor to do the work. You can just think of the cost as an investment for properly maintaining your roof. Plus, you should also consider the savings that you will generate from hiring roofing professionals to inspect your roof. They are able to locate and identify potential problem areas before the problem has gotten worse and requires expensive repair. Also, Florence Roofing Experts will provide you with an estimate of when you need to replace your roof will allow you to properly plan and financially prepare for this major home renovation project.

Aside from this, you are also paying the professionals for their expertise and skills. This is particularly true with regards to safety measures in performing a Florence roof inspection and skills in easily identifying potential problems that are not evident and without obvious signs.

Frequency of Roof Inspections

Generally, homeowners have their roofs inspected by professionals after a storm, hurricane or other major weather occurrences. The primary reason for the inspection is to identify and locate damaged areas and determine the necessary roof repairs as well as their costs.

There are other instances when homeowners should schedule for an inspection of their roofs. According to experts, overall inspection of roof systems should be conducted when the owner is preparing to sell the house or buying a new home. The results of the inspection will help the homeowner make the necessary repairs and renovations to update the house before selling. It will also help the home buyer decide whether or not to pursue the home purchase.

Additionally, you can also have your roof inspected after a new roof has been installed. On the other hand, the purpose of this inspection is to check whether or not the new roof installation complies with local building codes and regulations.

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Monday, October 12, 2020

Roof Repair – Fixing Asphalt Roofing Issues


Even the smallest roofing issue can escalate quickly since the elements can make things worse rather quickly. An asphalt roof has a typical lifespan of anywhere between 15-25 years. With the right maintenance and occasional roof repair, your roof can last a long while. In case you run into some problems with your roof, don’t disregard the issues that you find. Be sure that every single one of them is dealt with accordingly to avoid costly repairs in the long run.

 Here are ways on how you can fix and prevent roofing issues:

 Look for broken shingles – a hurricane or hailstorm can be quite damaging to property especially the roofs of houses. These natural phenomena can damage your roof quite easily. As for asphalt roofing, the damage can be quite apparent. A quick visual inspection can tell you whether or not a Florence roof repair is necessary. However, be sure that you are thorough. Any overlooked areas can be problematic later on.

 Look for missing shingles – broken pieces of shingles are one common and so is missing entire sections of shingles. At the first sight of missing shingles, call your local roofing contractor right away. Missing shingles are not good for your roof. Most of the time, missing shingles happen on roofs that are old enough that the individual shingles can easily dislodge with slight persuasion. In any case, have your roof repaired immediately as the problem could escalate one leak occur.

 Holes on the roof – holes on the roof are not common. If your roof has been through a lot, it’s likely to have sustained some damages that have gone overlooked. This is the reason why you should always schedule roof maintenance. While some roofing issues are quite apparent, some aren’t. Leaks can result from holes on the roof. Even the smallest cracks can cause your roof to deteriorate prematurely.

 Schedule maintenance – the best thing that you can do about roofing issues is preventing them from happening. Roofing materials can last a few decades if cared for properly. This is where roofing maintenance comes in. An annual check from your local roofer can be helpful. Do bear in mind that scheduling roof maintenance is cheaper than having to do repairs.

 Is it advised to do your own roof repairs?

 The short answer is, no. It is not advised for homeowners to do their own roof repairs, inspections, and other roof-related tasks. There are several reasons for this. One is the quality of the work. Any homeowner can patch up a roof. The quality of the repair is never guaranteed. The problem may go away for some time but could resurface later on. To prevent this from happening, always consider hiring an expert roofer for any roofing tasks. And the people who won’t like this is your insurance company. Always choose to hire professionals like Florence Roofing Experts for all of your roofing concerns.

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Monday, October 5, 2020

How To Know If A Roof Replacement Is Needed


Does your roof keep on giving you headaches? Is the roof leaking all the time or does your roof show signs of wear? If you are having a lot of problems with your roof, you might be in need of a roof replacement. There are ways on how you can tell whether to have your roof repaired or replaced. This article will be focusing on how homeowners can be certain that a roof replacement is needed.

Do you really need to have your roof replaced?

For any homeowner, this is a major question. First of all, a roof replacement can cost a lot of money. There is always a huge sum of money involved especially with major roofing projects. So, the question remains. Do you really need a Florence roof replacement? The first thing that you do is hire a roofing contractor for a roof inspection.

Note: do not settle with an opinion from one roofing contractor.

The reason for this is because the roofing you hire to inspect your roof might just want to sell you a new roof. If you want to make sure that you need a new roof, get an opinion from other roofers. Once multiple roofers seemingly point toward a roof replacement, then you can push through with the project.

Signs that your roof is due for a replacement

1. Your roof has reached or is near the end of its useful life

Nothing lasts forever and that’s for certain. Roofing materials are often rated to last two decades or more. It’s a long time when you come to think of it. However, that time will come and when it does, you should have your roof replaced. Don’t think that your roof is still fine if there are no visible signs of wear just yet. As long as it has reached near the end of its useful life, have it replaced. Don’t wait until everything is too late and you are faced with multiple issues and costly roof repair before you decide to have it replaced.

2. Your roof may fail before its due replacement

Roofing material suppliers would brag about the rated lifespan of some of their products. However, what’s written on paper might not automatically translate to real-world performance. There are still chances that roofing materials could fail prematurely. What you need to do is to have your roof examined by experts like Florence Roofing Experts on a regular basis.

3. Natural calamities take a toll on your roof

Storms, hurricanes, and other natural calamities might take a toll on your roof. Mother Nature is unpredictable which is why every homeowner should be prepared. After a major storm, hail, or hurricane, have a roof inspection done. This step will uncover issues and let you know whether roof repair or replacement is the best option to take. When you do decide to have your roof replaced, be sure that you hire a roofing contractor that can deliver good results. Get quotes from multiple roofers and check the ratings on each company.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Roof Repair – Getting Insurance To Pay For A New Roof

roof-repair-1-300x200.jpgAny homeowner would find it uncomfortable to be dealing with the costs of getting a new roof or even having roof repair done. The fact of it is that any work on the roof will cost money. Most of the time, the cost rises depending on the work being done. Storm roof damage, for instance, will set you back a couple of thousand dollars to have it fixed. However, there is a way to take the burden off your shoulders and that’s filing a home insurance claim. On the other hand, you need to know a few things before you could get your insurance provider to pay for the costs of a new roof.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with major roof damage:

  1. Get a clear idea of the roof damage
A fallen tree or damage dealt by hail or tornado is beyond your control. Even with the utmost care, your roof wouldn’t stand a chance against Mother Nature’s wrath. If in case your roof happened to get damaged by a fallen tree, be sure to get a clear idea of the extent of the damage and document it. Hire a roofing contractor for an inspection. However, be sure that you are hiring a roofer that fully understands insurance claims so they can help you out in the process. Hire professionals like Florence Roofing Experts.
  1. Review your insurance policy
The most important thing that you can have is information. If you want your insurance provider to pay for the costs of the Florence roof repair or an entire roof, be sure that you know well what’s in your policy. Be sure to check it out and understand what is within range and if it is the right time for you to file a home insurance claim.
  1. Choose a roofer that has experience with insurance roof replacement
Again, hiring the right roofing contractor is important. You shouldn’t take this step lightly for two main reasons. First of all, you will need a roofer that knows how to handle insurance claims. In-house or roofers hired by the insurance provider have quite the reputation of leaning in favor of the insurance company during the inspection. Other than that, you should hire on that’s reputable so the repair process runs smoothly.
  1. Know what you are signing up for
Is that a roof inspection contract that you are signing off on? Beware of contingency contracts that some roofers employ. Be certain that your roofer does not pull off a fast one on you by handing over a contingency contract which binds them to more work than you initially agreed upon. This is only one reason why you should always looking for a roofing contractor that can deliver good results while keeping being honest in the process. Regardless if it is for roof replacement or repair, hiring a reliable roofer that knows how to deal with insurance claims is what you should be gunning for.

Want your insurance provider to cover the costs of a roof replacement? Call Florence Roofing Experts today and we will help you out every step of the way.

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Monday, July 13, 2020

Roof Replacement – 4 Ways To Get Home Insurance Claims Approved

roof-replacement-300x200.jpgIt’s not every day that you have to get a roof replacement. Of course, it’s not very often for your roof to be ravaged by a storm or damaged by a fallen tree. However, when these instances occur, it’s good to know that you are covered by insurance. On the other hand, insurance providers are stingy when it comes to approving claims. That’s why you should always come prepared if you want them to pay for your roof replacement.

Proven methods to get your insurance provider to pony up

  1. Understand your roof insurance coverage
If in case a tree branch fell on your roof and left a gaping hole in it, you will definitely need to have it replaced. Paying for a Florence roof replacement isn’t cheap like getting a new showerhead. You would need a substantial amount of money to get it fixed. If you want to get your insurance provider to pay for the costs, you should know your policy in detail. To be sure that you will get your insurance claim approved, you should understand what’s written in the policy so you don’t waste your time.
  1. Document the damage
Insurance providers won’t take your word without any evidence. They won’t pay up for roof repair if you only have your word for it. That’s why you should always be quick to take pictures and videos of the roof soon after the incident occurred. Grab that ladder and take as many pictures as you can from different angles so your insurance company could know that the damage was legit and that’s within their scope. They can’t refute your claim if there’s clear evidence of damage. You can also let the insurance company send their roof inspectors. However, it would take longer given the fact that there are other people they need to tend to. Hiring your own roofing contractor to do the inspection will speed up the process. It’s a win-win situation considering the inspection gets done fast and repairs underway the soonest.
  1. Hire a reputable roofer
If you want to increase your chances of getting paid, you should hire a roofing contractor that handles insurance claims. Companies like Florence Roofing Experts take care of these matters. Be sure that you are hiring a roofer that’s reliable. Again, it’s best to find your own roofing contractor. Those that are hired by the insurance company typically works for them. This means they tend to be hard on the inspections, making it harder for the claims to be approved. Hiring your own roofer will resolve this issue.
  1. Proceed with the next steps
After you’ve gathered all that you need, proceed with filing the claim. Insurance providers typically require clients to file a claim within 15-30 days after the incident. Any longer would nullify or lessen the chances of claims being approved. Also, be sure that your roofer inspects and documents everything in perfect detail to increase your chances of getting that roof replacement shouldered by the insurance company.

We recently negotiated with the insurance company to get a Florence homeowner twice as much as they were originally quoted. Call us FIRST before reaching out to your insurance company. Call or text 843-212-7825 today!

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Roofing Contractor – Useful Ideas On Finding A Reliable Roofer

roofing-contractor-300x194.jpgThere are plenty of ways on how you can find a roofer. You can search online, look through local adverts, or simply asking around. However, that’s just one part of the process. If you want to find a reliable roofing contractor, you should take some extra steps. And if you are wondering if it is difficult, it certainly isn’t. All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

How to find a reliable roofer

Look for only the licensed ones You will be surprised as to how many roofing contractors there are in your area. However, not all Florence roofing contractor is the same. Some offer better services than others. Pricing will also vary by a large margin depending on where you live. However, at the core of it, you should always look for a roofer that has a valid license to operate. Never deal with a company that cannot provide you with a license even with a very attractive price. Look for reasonable guarantees   Most roofers would normally offer guarantees for their work. However, this does not extend to every roofer. Some will only offer you so much. If you really want to get value for your money, be certain that the roofers you have on your list offer guarantees that extend to a certain period. Ask for a project timeline Each project will have a different timeline. It’s also different for every contractor. Normally, you will want to have the work done as soon as possible. Any roof repairs or a new roof installation must be done before bad weather can roll in. You really want to find one that can finish the job in the shortest possible. Ask if they comply with coding If you’re dealing with the construction of certain parts of your home, you will be faced with some requirements. A number of permits may be required. On top of that, the work must be in line with the local state guidelines. You should ask the roofing contractor if they keep tabs on local guidelines. It is important to know this since it will your roof that’s put on the line in case something goes wrong. Other than that, you won’t be able to get an insurance claim approved if the insurance provider finds out the roof installation was done without following the rules. Ask how much experience they have The price of services is only one part of the equation. You must also find out how long the roofer has been in the industry. You should always keep in mind that a roofing contractor that’s been in the business for the last three decades would have the upper hand against other companies. This is not to discount the capacity of other roofers but one that’s been in the game for quite some time will likely have honed with the craft. Professionals like Florence Roofing Experts are among the experienced roofers you can find in Florence.

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Tips For A Long-Lasting Roof

roof-inspection-300x200.jpgEvery roof is rated to last a certain duration. What happens in between that rated period will dictate how long the roof will actually last. Roof inspection and other maintenance necessities are combined together to make the roof last longer or at least reach its rated lifespan. Of course, this does not include any damages brought about by natural calamities like hail storms, tornados, or fallen trees for that matter. What these tips include are ways on how to extend the useful lifespan of your roof and delay the natural degradation process.

General roofing maintenance makes your roof last longer

Getting a roof inspection done Most homeowners tend to forget that the roof needs a little TLC every now and then. Of course, there’s a good reason why most people forgo having their roof checked out. The roof doesn’t go bad all of a sudden. It would wake years if not decades of natural wear and tear for issues to arise. However, you shouldn’t always be too careless. If you want to prevent major issues or simply wish to extend the useful life of your roof, a roof inspection Florence will be necessary. This will need to be done periodically to ensure that the roof is free from any damages. Trimming nearby trees Shade is good. However, overhanging branches can bring more harm than good to your roof. Be sure to trim any branches that have gone over your roof. It is easier to have the branches removed off the tree and not on your roof where it could possibly leave a gaping hole. Clean your gutters If you’ve ever experienced cleaning your gutters, you know that it’s one heck of a dirty job. However, gutter cleaning is an important part of keeping your roof in good condition. When the gutter happens to be full or the downspout gets clogged, it can easily spell disaster. Behind the gutter are the innards of your roof. When an overflow happens due to a full gutter, it won’t be a nice sight and will often lead to a costly roof repair. Always make sure the roof is ventilated Roof ventilation is important. Not only does it rid hot summer air, but ventilation also removes any moisture where bacteria or rotting may proliferate. DIY roof repair If you happen to spot a few missing shingles, don’t be too quick to take matters into your own hands. Be mindful of the fact that making roof repairs is dangerous. If you want to get repairs done, do it the right way and call a roofing contractor. Hiring the experts If you happen to encounter issues with your roof, be sure to hire professionals like Florence Roofing Experts. Regardless of what your roofing needs are, it is important to hire a roofing contractor. DIY will do just fine. However, it does not guarantee that everything will turn out just fine. The more reliable solution is to hire a roofing contractor that can deliver the results you need and in a safe and efficient manner.

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